CBSE Class 7 Geography State Government Legislature Worksheet Set A

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CBSE Class 7 Geography - State Government Legislature

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SUBJECT- Soc. Science (Social & Political Life)

Chapter-2: State Government Legislature, Chapter-3: State Government Executive

CLASS- VII Date- 30.7.14

Q.A Fill in the blanks.

1.The state which has one house is called_____________.

2.Bill can become a law after the approval of ___________.

3.The Vidhan Sabha is the ______________house of the state legislature.

4.The Vidhan Parishad cannot be dissolved.It is a _______________body.

5.___________presides over the meetings of Vidhan Sabha.

6.The members of Vidhan Parishad are called as __________.

7.The role of a legislature is to_____________.

8.___________of the members of Vidhan Parishad retire every two years.

9.The term of Vidhan Sabha is ______and Vidhan Parishad is ________.

10.____________may pass a vote of no confidence against the ministers of state executive.

Q.B.Name the following.

1. He appoints the governor.

2. The state civil service is headed by him.

3. He administers a union territory.

4. This is the name given to a department which is assigned to each cabinet minister.

5. He is the official head of a state.

6. This commission selects all the civil servants of a state.

Q.C. Answer the following questions.

1. What does a bicameral state legislature in India consist of?

2.What does the executive branch of a state government consist of?

3.The executive is answerable to the legislature. Justify the statement.

4.How are the MLCs of a state elected?

5.Write the steps of a bill to become a law.

6.What are the powers of a governor?

7.How is the chief minister of a state appointed?

8.What are the main functions of the chief minister?

9.How can a governor be removed?

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