CBSE Class 7 Geography New Kings And Kingdoms Worksheet Set C

CBSE Class 7 Geography - New Kings and Kingdoms (2)

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His New Kings and Kingdoms


1.Who was the most powerful Chola ruler?

(A) Rajraja I

(B) Vijayalaya

(C) Vijyandra

(D) None of these

2.What was the Kadamai during the rule of Cholas?

(A) land revenue

(B) temple ritual

(C) leader of village

(D) name of village

3.Chola ruler Rajendra I conquered which areas?

(A) Ganga Valley

(B) Sri Lanka

(C) South-East Asia

(D) All the above

4.Which is wrongly matched ?

(A) Harishchandra- Gurjara pratihara

(B) Dantidurga- Rashtrakuta

(C) Prithiviraj III- Chauhan

(D) Vijayalaya- Pal

5.The Rashtrakutas dynasty was established in:

(A) Deccan

(B) Multan

(C) Kalinga

(D) None of these

6.At the time of Cholas the tax 'Vetti' was levied in the form of

(A) Cash

(B) Forced labour

(C) Food grain

(D) None of these

7.The resources obtained from taxes were used by Emperors to

(A) Finance the king's establishment

(B) For construction of temples and forts

(C) (1) and (2) both

(D) None of these

8.Which statement is/are true about Prashastis?

(A) Prashastis contains details about rulers and their works.

(B) They were composed by learned brahmans or scholars.

(C) They contain exaggerated facts as they were praising notes.

(D) All the above are true

9.Which was 'the bone of contention' during Tripartite war in early medieval period?

(A) Kannauj

(B) Delhi

(C) Ajmer

(D) None of these

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