CBSE Class 7 Geography Life In Temperate Regions Worksheet

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CBSE Class 7 Geography - Life in temperate regions

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SUBJECT- Geography


(Life in temperate regions, Life in deserts, Life in Tropical and Sub-tropical regions)


I Match the term with the description.


1. Fellahin a. Original inhabitant of veld

2. Tuareg b. Peasants of Nile Valley

3. Hammada c. Bare and rocky plateau

4. Mestizos d. Nomadic herdsman

5. Ranch e. Large cattle farm

6. Hottentots f. Mixed European and Indian tribe

II Explain in one sentence.

1. Mixed farming 2. Market gardening 3. Cold desert

4. Sub tropical region 5. Chinook 6. Sunderban

III Choose the correct answer.

1. Which is located closest to equator?

a. Prairies b. Veld c. Amazon d. Ladakh

2. Which is a false statement

a. Veld has infertile soil b. Prairies have sudden change in temperature

c. Amazon has fertile soil d. Ladakh has carpet making industries

3. Manioc or Cassava is popular food crop of

a. Veld b. Amazon Valley c. Prairies d. Sahara

4. Which country is not a part of Sahara

a. Tunisia b. Ethiopia c. Sudan d. Egypt

5. One horned rhinoceros is found in

a. Ladakh b. Prairies c. Amazon d. Brahma putra Valley

6. Which river flows through veld

a. Limpopo b. Mississippi c. St. Lawerence d. Zaskar

7. Which of the following animal is native to Amazon.

a. Anaconda b. Golden eagle c. Rattle snake d. Larks

8. Which city is famous for gold mining.

a. Kimberley b. Chicago c. Johendburg d. Cape town

9. Willows and popular are important tress in

a. Ladakh b. Veld c. Prairies d. Amazon


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