CBSE Class 7 Geography Kings And Kingdoms Worksheet Set A

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CBSE Class 7 Geography - Kings and kingdoms

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SUBJECT- Social Science (History)

(Ch 1: The Medieval Period,

Ch 2: Kings and kingdoms of the early Medieval period)



Q.1 Define the following terms:

a. Bhakti b. Sufism c. Brahmadeya d. Devadana

Q.2 Name the following.

a. Two European countries that began direct overseas trade with India in the medieval


b. Two regional languages that came into wide use in medieval India.

c. Two Rajput clans that established kingdoms on the ruins of the Pratihara kingdom.

d. The dynasties that fought for control over Kanauj in the early medieval period.

e. Two important dynasties of peninsular India in the early medieval period.

Q.3 Fill in the blanks

a. The Islamic scholar __________ visited India during the reign of Mahmud of Ghazni.

b. _________ had the _________ temple, also called the Rajarajeshwara temple, built



c. What Kitab-al-Hind is to Alberuni; __________ is to Ibn Batutah.

e. The ________ school of Islamic law become popular in India.

Q.4 Choose the correct option.

a. The Rashtrakuta capital was at

i) Vatapi ii) Malkhed iii) Vengi iv) Warangal

b. Vetti was

i) an administrative unit ii) a title given to a chola official

iii) a tax paid in cash iv) a tax paid in the form of forced labour.

Q.5 Answer the following.

a. Who brought Islam to India?

b. What is Islam? When and where did it arise?

c. What was the condition of the lowest castes?

d. What led to the decline of Gurjara-Pratiharas?

Q.6 Give reasons for the following.

a. Court scholars composed prashastis of their rulers?

b. It was necessary for some medieval rulers to proclaim their Kshatriya caste status?

c. The Indian kingdoms of early medieval period rose and fell frequently.

d. The need for keeping records was strongly felt during the medieval period

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