CBSE Class 7 Geography Kings And Kingdoms Worksheet Set B

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CBSE Class 7 Geography - Kings and Kingdoms (2)

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SUBJECT- Soc. Science (History)

Chapter 2- Kings and Kingdoms of the Early Medieval Period

CLASS- VII Date- 30.7.14

Q.1.Fill in the blanks

a. After the decline of Harsha’s empire the ___________________,a powerful Rajput dynasty

rose to prominence in the North India.

b. _____________competed with the Palas and the Pratiharas of North India in the


c. The Rashtrakutas were overthrown in the tenth century by the


d. Those who received land grants became the king’s________________.

e. Temple authorities and Brahmans received grants of ________ lands

f. The great scholar _____________ came to India during Mahmud’s reign.

g. _______________conquered northern Sri lanka and established control over the__________and

____________ islands.

h ._________________meant who served the three royal houses of the Cholas, the Cheras and



i. Rajendra Chola proclaimed himself _________________after he conquered the river Ganga.

j. A large town was treated as a separate kurram called a _____________.

Q.2.Name the following.

a. This was the land held by non-brahaman individuals

b. This place was situated in the heart of the Ganga plain.

c. He was the ruler who performed the ritual hiranyagarbha.

d. This was the capital of the Rashtrakutas.

e. Four Rajput clans.

f. Three important dynasties of Peninsular India.

g. The dynasties that fought for control over Kanuaj.

h. Land granted to Jain Institution was called by this name.

i. This was the capital of Cholas.

Q.3. Answer the following questions.

a. Who were samantas? What were their roles?

b. What led to the decline of the Gurjara –Pratiharas?

c. Why did Mahmud of Gazani attack temple towns in India?

d. Who were needed to pay the taxes?

e. How did temples help in Cholas’ administration?

f. How did land grants improve agriculture?

g. Write about the village administration of Cholas.

h. Compare the achievements of Rajaraja I and Rajendra Chola I.

i. Draw a flowchart of the administrative divisions of Cholas.

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