CBSE Class 7 Geography The Earths Structure Worksheet

CBSE Class 7 Geography - The Earth’s Structure

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SUBJECT- Social Science (Geography)

Ch 1: The Earth’s Structure & Landforms,

Ch 2: The Atmosphere, Ch3: Water

CLASS- VII Date: 02.09.14

Q.1 Fill in the blanks

a. The molten rock found below the earth surface is called __________ rock.

b. The process by which gas changes into liquid is called ___________

c. Rain caused by the rising of air heated on contact with hot ground is _________ rainfall.

d. The weight of the atmosphere pushing down on a unit area on the earth surface is called ________

e. The undesirable change in the air is called ____________

f. The physical and biological conditions in which organisms lives is _________.

g. The blanket of air that surrounds the earth is known as ___________

h. Mass of ocean water moving in a particular direction is called _________

i. The wind that blows from permanent high pressure belt to permanent low pressure belt

are called ___________

Q.2 Complete the terms (definitions)

a. The state of the atmosphere at particular place at a particular time is weather where as climate is the


b. Evaporation is the process by which _________________________________

c. Humidity is the amount of water vapour _______________________________

d. The remains of _____________________________ within layers of rocks are called


a. The falling of condensed _______________ is called precipitation.

Q.3 Match the following.


1. Sedimentary a. air from land moves towards sea

2. Igneous b. rock changed from its original form

3. Sea breeze c. rocks formed by cooling & hardening of Magma

4. Metamorphic d. air from sea moves towards land

5. Land breeze e. deposition and hardening of sediments in layers

Q.4 Solve the cross word puzzle and mark it (first one is done for you)

a. The parts of different spheres in which life exists together is - BIOSPHERE

b. The alternate rise and fall in the level of sea water _________

c. An instrument for measuring rainfall ______________

d. It is an instrument used to measure atmosphere pressure ___________

e. The lowest and densest layer of the atmosphere is known as the ___________

f. The top of the volcanic cone has a cuplike depression called a ___________

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