CBSE Class 7 Geography - All Chapters (2)

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CBSE Class 7 Geography - All Chapters (2)

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SUBJECT- Social Science (History)

(Ch 3: The Delhi Sultanate, Ch 4: The Mughal Empire,

Ch 5: Architecture as power)

CLASS- VII Date: 02.09.14

Q.1 Define the following terms.

a. Masjid b. Chihalgani c. Din Ilahi d. Charbagh

e. Watan Jagirs f. Pietra-dura g. Mihrab h. Baoli

i. Suyurghal

Q.2 Distinguish the following

a. True arch and corbel arch

b. North and South Indian style of temples

Q.3 Give reasons for the following

a. Muhammad-bin-Tughluq shifted his capital to Devagiri.

b. Jahangir had Guru Arjun executed.

c. The loss of Qandahar was a setback for the Mughal Empire.

d. Medieval Hindu rulers built temples.

e. Builders of Bengal and Kashmir used bricks and wood instead of stone.

Q.4 Fill in the blanks

a. Most of the early medieval temples of south India are built in the ____________ style.

b. __________ at Hampi show a blend of Hindu and Islamic architectural styles.

c. The ________ is Babur’s record of his own experiences.

d. Author _________, musician __________ and artist _________ were among the ‘nine gems’ of

Abbar’s court.

e. Balban introduced the Persian custom of ___________ in his court.

Q.5 Name the following.

a. The five dynasties of the Delhi sultanate in choronological order.

b. Three different kinds of structures built in medieval India to demonstrate power.

c. An irrigation dam built by the ancient Cholas in the Kaveri delta.

d. The vice-regent under Ala-ud-din Khalji.

Q.6 Answer the following questions.

a. Mention three problems faced by the sultans of Delhi.

b. What caused revolts during Aurangzeb’s reign?

c. What were the two main styles of temple architecture in medieval India? Give one example of each.

d. How did Iltutmish save India from Mongol invasion?

Q.7 Choose the correct option.

a. Malik Kafur was the vice-regent under

i) Iltutmish ii) Balban

iii) Ala-ud-din-khalji iv) Muhammad-bin-Tughluq

b. Officials called _____ maintained law and order in towns.

i) Kotwals ii) Muqaddams iii) Patwaris iv) Subaddar

c. Indo-Islamic architecture avoided the use of

i) Calligraphy ii) human and animal form

iii) floral and geometric pattern iv) all of these

d. The Delhi Sultanate lasted from

i) 1192 to 1206 ii) 1192 to 1526

iii) 1206 to 1290 iv) 1206 to 1526

e. Muhammad-bin-Tughluq names his new capital

i) Devagiri ii) Daulatabad iii) Tughluqabad iv) Siri

f. In 1398, India was invaded by

i) Jauna Khan ii) Khizr Khan iii) Timur dang iv) Babur

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