CBSE Class 8 Science Revision Worksheet Set B

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SCIENCE (Class 8 )


1. The variety of coal which has highest content of carbon :

a) Peat b) Bituminous c) Anthracite d) Liquate

2. The microbe that reproduce only inside the body of the host organism :

a) Bacteria b) Virus c) Protozoa d) Fungi

3. Deforestation means :

a) Cleaning of forests b) To grow plants c) To look after plants d) None of these

4. Project - Tiger means :

a) Hunting of tigers b) Rearing of tigers c) Survival & maintanance of tigers d) All of these.

5. Bats can hear the sound of frequency :

a) Less than 20 hz b) More than 20 khz c) Between 20 hz and 20 khz d) All of these.


1. The image of our face in a plane mirror is an example of ___________ image.

2. The process of depositing a layer of any desired metal on another material by means of electricity is called ______________.

3. Large amplitude of sound vibrations will produce __________________________ .

4. Animals whose numbers are diminishing to a level and they might face extinction are called ________.

5. Distilled water is _________________ of electricity.


1. Give three examples of electroplating.

i) .................................... ii) ................................... iii) ....................................

2. What do you mean by music sound ?

3. What is fractional distillation ?

4. Name the carrier of Dengue fever.

5. Why should we save our fossil fuels ?

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