CBSE Class 5 Science Practice Worksheet Set 10

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SECOND CYCLE (2013-14)

Q.1. Tick (√ ) the correct answer :-

1. This joint allows movement at the wrist and ankle.

  a. ball and socket joint b. gliding joint c. pivot joint d. hinge joint

2. Strong tissues that bind the bones at a joint are called.

  a. tendons b. bone marrow c. ligaments d) ribs

3. These muscles are not under our control

  a. eye muscles b. muscles attached to skeleton

  c. cardiac muscles d. a and c.

4. The vertebral column is made up of

  a. 22 b. 33 c. 12 d. 2 bones

Q.2. Fill in the blanks

  a. The rib cage protects the __________ and __________.

  b. The soft spongy material found inside the cavities of long bones is called __________.

  c. The vertebral column is made up of __________ bones and it protects the __________.

  d. The __________joint allows movement only in one direction and is present in __________ and __________.

  e. The joint which allows maximummovement is called __________. 

  f. Among the __________ bones in the facial region only the __________ is movable.

  g. The __________ is the longest bone in our body.

  h. White blood cells are produced by the __________and fight __________.

  i. The __________ joint helps in movement of head in different directions.

  j. The joint which is present between any 2 vertebrae of the spine is __________.

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