CBSE Class 5 Science Revision Worksheet Set T

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Lesson 1,2

Class : V


1. Fungicides are used to kill______________________.

2. The snakes moves with the help of ________________________.

3. Ducks and frogs have __________________ feet to swim in water.

4. Seeds dispersed by wind have ___________________ on them.

5. Mushrooms and moulds reproduce from__________________.

6. All aquatic animals breathe through ________________________.

7. _______________ and ________________ help lizards to climb on trees.

8. Paddy grows well in a _______________ and _____________ soil.

9. Forelimbs are modified into _________________ in man.

10. You can see a very small _________________ between the seed leaves.

11. ____________________ is known as the Birdman of India.

12. A small baby plant coming out of a seed is called __________________.

13. Tiny tubes inside the lungs are called ____________________.

14. Rats and rabbits live in _________________.

15. Plants need to keep their race alive by ____________________.


1. Feeding organ of a butterfly.

Ans. _______________________.

2. A plant which reproduces from leaves.

Ans. _______________________.

3. A single celled animal.

Ans. _______________________.

4. A pointed horny nail on an animals or bird’s foot.

Ans. _______________________.

5. Two insects without wings.

Ans. _______________________.

6. Two seeds dispersed by explosion. 

Ans. _______________________.

7. Two herbivores .

Ans.(1) _______________________ (2)___________________________.

8. Two rodents .

Ans.(1) _______________________ (2)___________________________.

9. The four ways in which plants reproduce .

Ans.(1) _______________________ (2)___________________________

(3)________________________ (4)___________________________

10. Name the agents of dispersal of these seeds .

Ans.(1) Madar seeds______________ (2)Coconut____________________

(3)Honesty seeds_______________ (4)Cotton seed_______________

11. Name the breathing organ of these animals .

Ans.(1)Tadpole _________________ (2) Prawn ____________________

(3)Fish __________________ (4)Amoeba ____________________

12. Two fertilisers .

Ans.(1) _______________________ (2)___________________________.

III. WRITE ‘True’ OR ‘ False’

1. Onion is a bulb shaped underground stem. [_______________]

2. Seeds are covered with seed coat. [_________________]

3. Potato grows from seeds. [__________________]

4. The method of reproduction found in rose plant is layering . [________________]

5. The surrounding in which an animal live is its habitat. [__________________]

6. Man is the most developed amongst all the animals. [__________]

7. Dolphin is an animal that lives on land. [_______________]

8. Animals that eat only plants are called carnivores. [______________]

9. All mammals breathe through lungs. [_______________]

10. The thick outer covering of the seed is called seedling. [_____________] 

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