CBSE Class 5 Science Revision Worksheet Set Q

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1. The eclipse of the sun is called ______________ eclipse.

2. __________________ was the first Indian to go into the space.

3. The changes in the shapes of the moon are called ___________ of the moon.

4. The first man made satellite was _____________________.

5. The place beyond the blanket of atmosphere is called ____________________.

6. _____________________ holds the record of the longest space flight for female space traveler.

7. Tides are caused by the __________________ pull of the moon.

8. The __________________ satellites are helpful in giving us the live coverage of events.

9. The big hollows on the surface of the moon are called __________________.

10. The _________________ moves around the earth .

11. _________________ are spacecrafts sent to orbit a planet .

12. Due to the absence of ________________ no sound can be heard on the moon .

II. Name the following

1. Earth’s natural satellite

Ans. ____________________________

2. The first Indian satellite

Ans. ____________________________

3. Rising and falling movements of ocean water.

Ans. ____________________________

4. The eclipse that occurs only on a full moon night.

Ans. ____________________________

5. The first man to step on the moon

Ans. ____________________________

6. The objects that cause craters on the moon

Ans. ____________________________

7. The eclipse that occurs on the New Moon day

Ans. ____________________________


1. Earth’s closest neighbour in space is the moon. ______________

2. The sun moves round the earth. _____________

3. The earth and the moon are opaque objects. _____________

4. The moon has no light of its own. _______________

5. The distance of the moon from the earth is 383000 km. ________

6. Nearly three fourths of the earth’s surface is covered by oceans. _________

7. The moon’s gravity is one – sixth of the gravity of the earth. ________



1. _______________ gives shape and support to our body.

2. The ______________ protects the brain.

3. The part of the eye on which an image is formed is the _____________________.

4. The nerve at the back of the retina is ________________.

5. The __________________ is the thinking part of the brain.

6. The nerves are made up of __________________.

7. ____________________ nerves carry impulses to the brain.

8. The little brain is the __________________.

9. The heart and lungs are protected by the ____________________.

10. Reflex actions are due to the messages sent by the _________________.

11. Nerves which carry messages from the brain are ___________.

12. Eyeballs are protected by __________________.  


1. The system that controls all other systems of our body.


2. The other name of the brain stem.


3.The largest part of the brain.


4. The actions controlled by the spinal cord


5. The control centre of the body.


6. The three kinds of nerves.

a____________________b______________c ________________

7. The part of the brain that helps to control the movements during

reflex action. ___________________________

8. The nerve cells which bind together to form a nerve.


9. The organ that controls our heartbeat and breathing.


10. The part of the brain that helps to control the movements during reflex action.


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