CBSE Class 5 Science Revision Worksheet Set P

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1. The lowest layer of the atmosphere _____________________.

2. The blanket of air surrounding the earth’s surface __________________.

3. Three gases present in air. ________________________ ____________________ _______________

4. The outermost layer of the atmosphere . _____________________

5. The process by which plants prepare their own food. ___________________

6. A chemical substance used to kill germs. _____________________

7. A universal solvent. ________________

8. The purest form of water. __________________

9. Two methods of removing soluble impurities of water. ______________

10. Two methods of removing insoluble substances of water. _________, _____________.

Learn all the question answers and the exercises given in the Text Book. Draw, colour and label diagram of filtration process. Label the different parts of lift pump.


1. The ozone layer is a part of the stratosphere. __________

2. Atmosphere is divided into two parts.__________

3. Aircrafts usually fly in the exosphere. _______________

4. Both plants and animals respire _____________.

5. Ionosphere reflects radio waves back to the earth. _____________

6. Inhaled air is warmer than exhaled air. ___________.

7. Oceans contain 75% of earth’s water. __________

8. Boiling the water is the best method of killing germs._________

9. The substances which dissolve in water are called insoluble substances.___

10. When a solid dissolves in a liquid a solute is formed. __________ 

11. Inspired air is rich in oxygen.___________

12. Water flow from a higher level to lower level._______

13. Soluble substances can be removed from water by filtration._______

14. Air is needed for burning._____

15. Ionosphere is the outermost layer of the atmosphere. _______


1. Air has weight so it exerts _________________________.

2. During photosynthesis plants take in ________________________.

3. The substances which dissolve in water are called ________________ substances.

4. When a solid dissolves in a liquid a _____________________ is formed.

5. The method of removing insoluble impurities is called _________________.

6. During photosynthesis plants give out _____________________.

7. The ozone layer is a part of ______________________.

8. It is the _____________________ pressure which pushes a liquid through a siphon.

9. Inspired air is rich in ____________________.

10. __________________ the water is the best way of killing germs.

11. During the process of evaporation the ________________ is lost.

12. The substances which do not dissolve in water are called _________________ substances.

13. The dissolved substances can be removed from water by _________________.

14. During the process of filtration the clear water obtained is called ______________________.

15. Expired air is rich in _______________________.


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