CBSE Class 5 Science Revision Worksheet Set M

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Q. Fill in the blanks.

1. An axe is used to chop wood. The metal part chops through the wood, pushing it apart into two smaller sections .Which simple machine is found on the head of this axe? ______________________________

2. The center of this seesaw is used to balance the board with the seats. The children can easily move up and down without much force. The seesaw is an example of which simple machine? ______________________________

3. The cap on this water bottle has a spiral shape. When you place it on the bottle and twist, the cap pulls itself toward the bottle. The bottle cap is an example of which simple machine? ______________________________

4. When you turn the large knob on a door, a rod on the inside releases a latch that holds the door closed. It would be difficult to turn the rod, if the knob wasn’t attached to it. The door knob and rod make up which simple machine? _____________________________

5. A wheel with a rope is used to hoist a flag up to the top of a tall flagpole. This simple machine can also be used to help lift heavy objects with less force. The wheel and rope make up which simple machine? ______________________________

6. A ramp is used for loading this truck. A mover can pull a cart with a heavy object up the ramp. This is much easier than lifting heavy objects into the truck. Which simple machine is on the back of this truck? ______________________________

7.Earth’s ……………………… keeps us and other objects on the ground.

8. Energy of an object due to its position is called……………………………………..

9. A lever can be moved about a fixed point called …………………………………….

10. Friction makes it ……………………………… to slide heavy objects across the floor.

11. A nut cracker is an example of ……………………….. class lever.

12. A machine made of two or more simple machines is called ……………………………


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