CBSE Class 5 Science Revision Worksheet Set E

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Pre Learning

Class V


Choose the correct option

1) Which one of the following animals can trick its enemies by camouflaging?

(a) Elephant b) deer c) Chameleon d) Vulture

2) A smooth surface will cause

(a) Less friction b) More friction c)No friction

3) Rotation Causes

(a) Day and night b) Winds c) Seasons d)None of these

4) A planet with rings

(A)Uranus b) Saturn c)Mars d) Jupiter

5) The axis of the Earth is

(a) Straight b) Curved c) Titled d) long

6) Which one of the following forms of energy can be used to produce electricity?

(a) Solar energy b) Wind energy c) Water energy d)All the above

7) The hard outer covering of insects is made up of

(a) Scales b) Chitin c) Feathers d)Gills

8) Which one of the following is a blood vessel.

(a) Vein b) Heart c) Ureter d)Kidney

9) leaves appear green due to the presence of

(a) Stomata b) Chlorophyll c) Soil d) oxygen

10)Which one of these is called energy giving food?

(a) Carbohydrates b) Proteins c) Vitamins d) Minerals

11)Fibres made by man are called

(a) Natural fibres b)Synthetic fibres c)Cotton d)silk

12)The particles are packed very close to each other in

(a) Solids b)Liquids c) Gases d)Fluids

13)The process by which a liquid changes into a vapour

(a) Condensation b)Evaporation c)Sublimation d) None of these

14)The uppermost layer of the soil is called

(a) Sub soil b)Bed rock c) Top soil d)clay

15)The flat part of the leaf is known as the

(a) Leaf blade b)Vein c)Midrib d) stalk


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