CBSE Class 5 Science Revision Worksheet Set D

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Q. I Choose the correct options:

1. …………………. Leaves are called as the “Green gold of Orissa”.

a. Areca nut leaves b. Amla leaves c. Tendu leaves d.Brahmi leaves

2. A Plant that reproduces through leaves…

a. Banana b. Grapes c. Lotus d. Bryophyllum

3. Which is the smallest bone in human body?

a. Stirrup b. Femur c. Humeru s d. breast bone

4. Musk deer are being hunted for……..

a. Pashmina b. Kasturi c. Cavier d. bone vine

5. Beri-Beri is a deficiency disease of …………

a. Protein b. Iodine c. Vitamin B d. Iron

Q. II Answer the following in one word or in a sentence:

1. What happens to haemoglobin content in Anaemia? 2

2. What happens to curd if it is not stored in the refrigerator? 2

3. What are Enzymes? 2

4. What do you mean by Food chain and FOOD WEB? 2

5 Name any Five products that are obtained from forests. 2

Q. III Short answer type questions:

1. How is a national park different from a wild life sanctuary? 3

2. What do you mean by seed dispersal? Give example of the plant that have A ) Seed dispersal by wind B ) Seed dispersal by thorny or hooked fruits.

3. How is a ball and socket joint work? 3

4. What helps the fishes to feel the waves of water? 3

5 How do forest act as ‘Water tanks’? 3

Q .IV Long answer type questions:

1. What is Breathing ? Explain ‘Exhalation’ and’ Inhalation’ in respiratory system.

2. What is Wild life trade? Give any two steps to prevent cruelty to animals.

3. Differentiate between:

a. Extinct and Endangered animals

b. Communicable and Deficiency diseases

4. Define : a. Malnutrition b. Nutrients 4

5 Explain any two reasons for the spoilage of food. 4

Q. V Descriptive or very long answer type questions:

1. Whaat is deforestation? Write any five harmful effects of deforestation.

2. What is Vegetative Reproduction? Why is it important in plants? 5

3. Draw a Labelled structure of a ‘Seed’? explain the function of different parts of it.

4. What is Reproduction in plants? In How many ways the reproduction takes place in plants? Explain.

5 Write the symptoms of the following diseases:-

a. Scurvy b . Night blindness c. Anaemia d. Protein


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