CBSE Class 5 Science Reproduction In Plants Worksheet Set C

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S. A. 1 : WORKSHEET 2013-14




I. Fill in the blanks :

1. Roots of some plants not only store food but also produce new plants. They are known as _________________.

2. Seeds which have only one cotyledon are known as _______________.

3. Seeds which have two cotyledons are known as _______________.

4. The spot where the seed is attached to the plant is known as _______________.

5. The process of spreading seed to different places is called _______________.

6. The practice of growing crops on a large scale for food or other purpose is termed as _______________.

7. The growth of tissues or cells separated from the organism is known as _______________.

8. The chemicals used to destroy harmful insects on plants are called _______________.

9. The baby plant is also known as _______________.

10. _______________ is a bulb shaped underground stem.


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II. Name the following :

1. Two plants that reproduce from spore :

_______________________ ____________________

2. Two underground stems

_______________________ ____________________

3. Two plants that reproduce by stem cuttings

_______________________ ____________________

4. Two plants that reproduce by roots

_______________________ ____________________

5. Two plants that reproduce by leaves

_______________________ ____________________

6. Two example of monocotyledonous seeds

_______________________ ____________________

7. Two examples of dicotyledonous seeds

_______________________ ____________________

8. Two plants that disperse their seed by wind

_______________________ ____________________

9. Two plants that disperse their seeds by explosion

_______________________ ____________________

10. Two plants that disperse their seeds by water.

_______________________ ____________________


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