CBSE Class 5 Science Air Around Us Worksheet Set C

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LN. 4 : AIR AROUND US (FA 2 + SA 1)

I. Fill in the blanks :

1. As we go up to higher altitudes _________________ becomes thinner.

2. All weather changes takes place in _________________ layer of atmosphere.

3. Clouds are rare in _________________ layer of atmosphere.

4. The air we breathe in is called _________________ air.

5. The air we breathe out is called _________________ air.

6. _________________ is a mixture of gases.

II. Name the following :

1. An envelope of air around the earth _____________________

2. The lowest layer of atmosphere _____________________

3. The layer of atmosphere above Troposphere _____________________

4. The layer that reflects radio waves back to the earth ___________________

5. The layer which is a part of Stratosphere ___________________

II. Choose the correct answer :

1. As we go to higher altitudes air becomes (more / less)

2. Exhaled air contains more amount of (Oxygen / Carbondioxide)

3. The percentage of Oxygen gas in air is (21% / 78%)

4. Inspired air is rich in (Oxygen / Nitrogen)

5. Blood in the (lungs / heart) take Oxygen from the air we breathe in.


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