CBSE Class 9 Physics Revision Worksheet Set C

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Physics Worksheet for Class 9

Class 9 Physics students should refer to the following printable worksheet in Pdf in standard 9. This test paper with questions and answers for Grade 9 Physics will be very useful for exams and help you to score good marks

Class 9 Physics Worksheet Pdf


CBSE Class 9 Physics Worksheet - Revision (3)

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1. How will the equations of motion for an object moving with a

uniform velocity change?

2. Obtain a relation for the distance travelled by an object

moving with a uniform acceleration in the interval between

4th and 5th seconds.

3 On the earth, a stone is thrown from a height in a

direction parallel to the earth’s surface while another stone is

simultaneously dropped from the same height. Which stone

would reach the ground first and why?

4. The weight of any person on the moon is about 1/6 times that

on the earth. He can lift a mass of 15 kg on the earth. What will

be the maximum mass, which can be lifted by the same force

applied by the person on the moon?

5..Distinguish between mass and weight.

6. An object of mass 2 kg is sliding with a constant velocity of

4 m s–1 on a frictionless horizontal table. The force required

to keep the object moving with the same velocity is

(a) 32 N (b) 0 N (c) 2

N (d) 8 N

7. water tanker filled up to2/3 of its height is moving with a

uniform speed. On sudden application of the brake, the

water in the tank would

(a) move backward (b) move forward (c) be unaffected

(d) rise upwards

8. The value of acceleration due to gravity

(a) is same on equator and poles

(b) is least on poles

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