CBSE Class 5 EVS Revision Worksheet Set F

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Chapter-5: First Aid, Chapter-6: Health Services, Chapter-7: About Plants

CLASS- V Date-30.8.14

Q1 Answer in one word.

1) The silvery substance present in the bulb of a thermometer.

2) A doctor who does the operations.

3) Watery substance present in our mouth.

4) The part of the plant that grows above the ground.

5) Protective cover or skin of a seed .

Q2) Classify the following as herb, shrub ,climber or creeper.

1) banyan 4) sugar cane 7) neem

2) wheat 5) gourd 8) spinach

3) rose 6) watermelon 9) dahlia

Q3) Choose the right answer

1)The substance that gives leaves their colour is

a) chlorophyll b) cotyledon c) stomata

2) You should take a tetanus vaccine if you

a)get a sprain b) get a cut c) get a heatstroke

3) People get blood from a

a)blood bank b) reserve bank c) medical shop

4) Among the following the one that the most number of health workers is

a) primary health sub center b) primary health center c) community health center

5) The part of the seed that food stored for the baby plant is

a)seed coat b) cotyledon c) stomata

Q4) Fill in the blanks

1) There are -------------- different types of blood groups.

2) A primary subcenter has two------------- workers.

3) A sprain is an injury to a -------------.

4) A help we can give to an injured or sick person until a doctor arrives is called --------------

Q5) Answer the following questions

1) What does treatment mean?

2) Why do hospitals have laboratories?

3) How do leaves “cook” for a plant?

4) What is a mobile health van?

5) What are blood types called? Why is it important to know a patient’s blood type?


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