CBSE Class 5 EVS Worksheet - Revision (2)

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Sub:E.V.S. Revision Sheet [FA-3]


I. Fill in the blanks with the correct answer:

(a) __________ refers to a place’s height above sea level.

(b) The _________ Act was passed in 1919.

(c) ___________ gave the slogan ‘Do or Die.

II. Unscramble the letters to from the correct words:

(a) This is the hottest Zone. ____________ (ORITDR NEOZ)

(b) The General who killed thousands in Jallianwala Bagh. ___________ (YERD)

(c) This affects the climate of a place. (UMIHDTYI) __________

III. Match the following:

(a) Places at high altitude          (i) Carry Moisture

(b) Wind blowing from sea          (ii) 1942

(c) Jallianwala Bagh Massacre   (iii) are cooler

(d) Quit India Movement            (iv) Amritsar


IV. Which event took place on these years?

(a) 1930- ____________ (b) 1945-____________

V. Answer in a sentence?

(a) Name the factors affecting the climate of a place. (Any 4)

(b) What name was given to the ‘untouchables’ by Gandhi Ji?

VI. Answer in Short-

(a) On what basis has the earth been divided into temperature zones?

(b) Write a short note an any one of the following- (Any 2 points)

(i) The Rowlatt Act (ii) Simon commission

VII. Answer in Detail-

Q.1 What do you know about the Non- Cooperation Movement?


VIII. On an outline map of the world mark the following-

(a) Torrid Zone (b) Frigid Zone

IX. Draw a diagram to show the Temperature Zones of the world. 

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