CBSE Class 2 EVS Practice Worksheet Set K

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Section – A
I Fill in the blanks.
1. The sun gives us ________________ and _________________ .
2. When light cannot pass through an object ________________ is formed.
3. Shadows at different times of the day are _________________________ in their lengths.
4. _______________________ planet is closest to the sun.
5. ___________ is the only star in the solar system.
6. The largest planet in the solar system is _____________________ .
7. The ___________sun ??/__________ is the closest star to the earth.

II Answer in Yes or No.
1. Is the sun a star ? ____________
2. Does the sun have its own light ? ______________
3. Can sand hold water ? ____________
4. Can my shadow be of same length all the time ? ________
5. Is the Earth a blue planet ? _______________

III Choose the correct answer.
1. A rich soil has a lot of ____________ in it.
a. Clay b. sand c. humus
2. Plants get ___________ from soil.
a. Water b. Minerals c. Both of them
3. The solid rock under the soil is called ________
a. Subsoil b. topsoil c. bedrock
4. A shadow is formed on the ________________ side of light.
a. Opposite b. same c. back
5. The solarsystem has ___________ planets.
a. 8 b. 8 c. 7

IV Who am I ?
1. I am a hot ball of fire . ___________
2. I don’t look the same on all nights. ______________
3. I am seen in deserts and beaches. _______________
4. I am the topmost layer of soil. _____________________
5. You can see me when you block the light rays. _________________

Section – B
V Answer these questions.

1. At what times of the day would you find your shadow long ?
2. Name two things which you see in the night sky.
3. Name the different layers of soil.
4. Which soil would you use to grow flowers ? Why ?
5. What is a constellation ?
6. What happens on a cloudy day ?

Section - C
VI Answer these questions
1. Name the eight planets in their order from the sun.
2. Draw any three shapes of the moon.
3. What are the uses of soil ?
4. Draw the different layers of the soil.



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