CBSE Class 8 English Practice Worksheet Set J

CBSE Class 8 English Worksheet - SA1 Revision (3)

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I. Join these sentences with either a to infinitive or a participle.

a) He heard a loud knock. He walked up to the window.

b) I want a terrace. I want to keep potted plants.

c) He did his duty. He felt satisfied.

d) I had used all my tickets for different rides. I couldn’t do ice skating.

e) I went to the airbase. I wanted to see the plane landing at the aerodrome.

II. Pick out the relative clauses in these sentences and write R for restrictive and NR for non-restrictive


a) My uncle, who is a famous musician, is coming tonight for a concert.

b) He is the man whom I respect.

c) Mary’s brother , who is younger than her, is a bank manager.

d) This is the pen which you have been looking for.

e) I know a person who will do the job quickly.

III. Place the adverbs given at the end in appropriate places within the sentences. (1X 2=2 M)

a) I have finished my work. (already)

b) It is too hot to go out. (obviously)

c) It has been raining since 6 a.m.(continuously)

d) You are right.(quite)

e) She spoke very.( loudly)

IV. In the passage given below there is an error in each line. Write the incorrect word and the

correction against the correct blank number.

Incorrect correct


Although their is no direct evidence that e.g their …. there

salt is a cause of highly blood pressure or a)

‘hypertension’, there were studies which b)

indicate that reducing salt intake lower c)

blood pressure. Some scientist are also d)

concern that excessive use of salt may e)

caused asthma and kidney disease. f)

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