CBSE Class 8 English Revision Worksheet Set Z

CBSE Class 8 English Worksheet - Revision (9)

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A. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:

We live in an age of great hurry and great speed. Men have lost their inward resources. They merely reflect, like a set of mirrors, opinions which they get from outside. When they get a little leisure, they turn to material diversions from outside rather than to inward resources. In other words, this internal vacuum is responsible for mental and nervous troubles. The cure for this is not so much treatment by medicine and surgery but a recovery of faith in the ultimate goodness, truth and the decency of things. If we are able to recover that faith, if we are able to live in this world with our consciousness centred in the ultimacy of the spirit, many of the problems to which we are subject today may be overcome. Our people were regarded as aspiring after metaphysical insight and religious bliss, but we seem to forget that it never occurred to them to equate eternal life with either the surrender of the mind or the sacrifice of the body. When the Upanishad writer was asked to define what is meant by spiritual life or life eternal, he gave the answer that it consists of the play of the vital organism, the satisfaction of the mind, the abundance of tranquility of the spirit. Body, mind and spirit must be integrated and they must lead to a harmonious developed life. If we get that, we have life eternal.

A.1. Complete the following statements:

(i) We live in an age of great ____________.

(ii) The author suggests that the cure for this is ____________.

(iii) „Life eternal‟ means _______________.

(iv) Our internal emptiness is responsible for ________________.

A.2. Complete the summary using one word in each blank :

In this age of great hurry and speed men have lost (i) ____________resources. This is responsible for their mental and (ii) ____________troubles. If we recover our faith in the goodness of life we can overcome many of our (iii) ____________. Our people tried to seek (iv) ____________ insight and religious bliss. For spiritual life, there should be a proper integration of body, mind and spirit.

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