CBSE Class 8 English Revision Worksheet Set Q

CBSE Class 8 English Worksheet - Revision (18)

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Class – 8

Subject-English Exciting times are here again! It’s summer time once again, with fun-filled days. However, these days can also be a fruitful time for learning and creativity. So let’s ensure that students do a lot of reading and some enjoyable homework too. Please ensure that the homework is original and in your own handwriting.  Enhance your speaking skills by interacting with your family members and friends in English (at least twice in a day)

Note: Answer all the questions in A4 size sheets and keep all of them in a clear bag. Write your Name, Class, Roll no. and Subject on the right hand side of the clear bag.

Q1. Prepare an Audio Visual presentation in your own voice on ‘Tenses’ that should include structure of each form and its uses. Insert relevant and colourful pictures and examples for each form to make it more interesting. Record the same in a CD.

Q2. Make an interesting collage to drive home the point mentioned in the given quote:

‘You can drop bombs, build roads or factories but until the girls are educated society won’t change.’

Also draft a speech to lay emphasis on your point of view. Record the same in the CD (about 4 mins).

Q3.Watch and enjoy English movies like Stuart Little, Harry Potter and The Spy Kids.

Write a short review of the film using following value points:

 The name of the film

 The names of the main actors, both male and female

 The name of the director

 The name of the music director

 The Plot of the movie (in about 120 words)

 The description of the main characters – how they look , behave etc?

 The character you liked the most and why? (about 100 words)

 The lesson (s) that you might have learnt from it about life or life’s problems

 Why you would recommend the film to your friends?

You can add pictures, photographs or drawing to make it interesting and presentable.

Q4. Complete the story whose opening sentence is given below:

i. Once on a stormy night, a traveller …

ii. One evening, Naresh, a poor labourer, was on his way back to his hut…

iii. One winter morning when Father ….

Add related pictures to make it more impressive and interesting.

Q5. Read the newspaper daily. Collect information about any two famous personalities who were in limelight all these days . Paste at least 2 news related to each . Collect his/her photographs and use them appropriately in the profile. You must include details about :

 His/her parents, childhood

 Education (school/college)

 First public appearance

 Achievements at school and college levels

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