CBSE Class 8 English Revision Worksheet Set P

CBSE Class 8 English Worksheet - Revision (17)

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Section – A (Reading)

A. Read the passage carefully.

The discovery of fire brought about many changes in the life of the early man. Today we cannot imagine a world without fire. Yet, when fire gets out of control, it can cause immense damage to human life and property, therefore, it is important to know what causes fires and how to prevent them, specially in the house.

Nylon or synthetic clothes catch fire quickly, so wearing them in the kitchen is unsafe.

Children sometimes try to light a matchstick, and the burning stick may fall on their clothes and burn them. Children lighting fire crackers during Diwali can get burnt or cause accidents.

Sometimes, people throw away a matchstick after lighting a stone or fire. If it falls on a material that burns easily, there can be a fire. Defects in the electrical wiring of a house can also start a fire.

Most fires are caused by carelessness. Following some simple rules can prevent a fire.

Children should not touch boiling pans or stoves. Adults should be careful while cooking. One should wear only cotton clothes in the kitchen.

Children should not be allowed to touch matchboxes.

Children should be allowed to light firecrackers when they are alone. Adults too should be careful. Matchsticks should be put out properly before being thrown away. Electrical wiring in the house should be checked regularly.

A.1. Complete the following sentences.

(i) Nylon clothes and match boxes prove to be harmful as ________________

(ii) A celebration can lead to an accident when _________________

(iii) It is important to check the ______________.

(iv) Two of the things that the children should not be allowed to do are ______________.

A.2. Find the synonyms of-

(i) Unlimited (ii) To keep away from happening (iii) Artificial


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