CBSE Class 8 English Revision Worksheet Set J

CBSE Class 8 English Worksheet - Revision (11)

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Section – A (Reading)

A. Read the following article based on a report by health experts in England.

Most teenage girls in England are smokers. They believe cigarettes help keep them slim, make them look grown-up, and control stress. And even though they know the risks to their health, they would still rather smoke. The habit is on the increase among teenage girls while it is falling in all other groups of the population. Now almost one in three girls of school-leaving age are smokers.

Health experts are puzzled as to why the anti-tobacco message is not reaching them. Dr Anne Charlton says: „ We do not really know why they are taking up smoking when everyone is giving up. They seem to be more influenced by advertisements, which are increasingly aimed at women.‟

Teenage girls are more likely to start smoking if one of their parents is a smoker. They probably have a best friend who smokes, and parents who do not disapprove of their habit of smoking.

Fifty percent of girls who leave school to start a career in hairdressing are smokers. In nursing, the figure is 44 per cent and around 34 per cent in clerical jobs.

Dr Charltong says, “The percentage is less among those who go to university. The smokers are usually the ones who do not do well at school and don‟t even want to.”

They mistakenly believe it helps to keep their weight down, although they have no weight problem in the first place. This message of needing to be thinner than thin has come over very strongly and they would rather risk their health than risk putting on weight.

“One of the most effective methods of getting girls to stop smoking is to point out how much they smell”, says Dr. Charlton.

A.1. Choose the best answer:

(i) Teenage girls in England smoke

(a) even if they know smoking is unhealthy

(b) because smoking helps them lose weight

(c) because they are leaving school

(ii) Health experts

(a) really have no idea why girls smoke.

(b) do not understand why girls give up smoking

(c) do not understand the anti-tobacco message

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