CBSE Class 8 English Literature Worksheet Set C

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Read the following extracts and answer the questions follow :

1. „You‟ve got to wear out your own eyes morning and night and use every ounce of energy, then perhaps you‟ll learn the subject.”

(a) Who spoke these words and to whom ?

(b)Which subject in being referred in the above lines ?

(c) What is the intention of the speaker ?

2. “ As a result, even the little I used to study earlier because of my brother ceased.”

a) Who is the speaker ?

b) Give the meaning of „ceased.‟

c) Why does the speaker make such a comment?

3. “I was thoroughly ashamed by this new approach of his.”

a) What is the „new approach‟ referred in the above lines?

b) Why was the speaker ashamed?

c) Name the lesson and the author.

4. “A fly got in my eye,” he muttered.

„I wasn‟t ready.”

a) Whom does „I‟ refer to?

b) Why does the speaker make such an excuse?

c) Name the lesson and the author.

5. “You might need Mathematics to work out your batting average.”

a) Who spoke these words and to whom?

b) Why does the speaker say so?

6. “A regular spectator at the matches was Nakoo the crocodile, who lived in the river.”

a) Give the meaning of „spectator‟

b) Which match is referred to here?

c) Who was Nakoo? What did the villagers call him?

7. “He Pushed his sister

He had no friends.”

a) Whom does „he‟ refer to ?

b) Why did he push his sister?

c) Why didn‟t he have any friends ?

8. “ She smiled strangely

And never said a word.”

a) Who does „she‟ refer to?

b) Why did she smile strangely?

c) Name the poem and the poet.

9. „Who may you be, Lady Louse?‟

„I‟m the guardian of this house.‟

a) Who is the speaker?

b) What is referred as „this house‟?

c) Name the poem.

10. “You, I fear, would cause all these

I can‟t risk my family.”

a) Who spoke these words and to whom?

b) What are the „three causes‟ referred by the speaker?

c) Give the meaning of the second line.

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