CBSE Class 7 English Unseen Passage Worksheet Set C

CBSE Class 7 English - Unseen passage (3)

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Benevolence, however, does not go unrewarded. If you are kind to someone, it will bring you a sense of joy and blissfulness. Simple benevolence shown in simple acts can turn a dull and gloomy day into a special one. It is like the lively glowing rays of the morning sun that caress our face and make us feel happy and cheerful. Besides, doctors believe that benevolence, along with feelings of love and tenderness, stimulates some nerves in our brain which produces calmness and relaxes the heart. Benevolent people do not get disturbed easily. Is it not a great reward for being kind?

i) What is the need to be kind?

ii) What is the medical belief behind benevolence?

iii) Write the synonym of the phrase ‘the act of being generous’.

iv) How simple benevolence can turn a dull day into a special one?

v) What reward is the author talking about?

B. Tick the correct verbs to complete the sentences.

i) Christopher Columbus ____________________________ America. (discovered/ invented)

ii) Alexander Graham Bell ____________________________ the telephone. (discovered/invented)

iii) I ________________ to go to school in winter. (deny/refuse)

iv) I ________________ having said that I have seen a UFO. (deny/refuse)

v) I ________________ that I made a few mistakes. (admit/confessed)

vi) I ________________ television every day. (see/watch)

C. Write sentences from these words. Put the verb in the right form. ( arrive or arrives etc.)

i) (always/ early/ Sue/arrive)

ii) (basketball/I/play/ often)

iii) ( work/ Margaret/ hard/ usually)

iv) (Jenny/ always/ nice others /wear)

v) (dinner/ we/ have/ always/ at 7.30)

vi) (television/ Tim/watch/ never)

vii) (like/chocolate/children/ usually)

viii) (Julia/parties/enjoy/ always)


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