CBSE Class 7 English Unseen Passage Worksheet Set B

CBSE Class 7 English - Unseen Passage (2)

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1. Read the following passage and answer these questions.

Clean water supplies are essential for good health and cleanliness in the home .Often the

only source of drinking water is polluted .More than 70 per cent of rural households have no

safe drinking water .Their supplies are often carried some distance from a river ,pond or well,

or a community pump or tap. Carrying water takes time and energy. For these reasons,

water is often kept in the house for a long time and, of necessity, it is rationed carefully.

Several diseases are spread by polluted water, these include diarrhoea,

cholera and typhoid Families using water from uncovered ponds or wells are likely to suffer

more frequently from all these infections than those whose water comes from protected

sites. An adequate supply of water is also needed for personal cleanliness and general

hygiene in the home. Health workers should encourage the provision of good household

water supplies as much as possible.

If there is no tap, the main water container must be kept clean, covered and

free from debris. Overnight storage in earthen ware vessels reduces the number of bacteria

in the water. Nevertheless, it is important that any water given to infants is first boiled. After

boiling it should be covered in the same container until it is cool enough to drink.

1. Why are villagers lacking in good health and cleanliness generally?

2. Why is water kept for a long time in rural household?

3. What is polluted water? What are its effects?

4. What type of water should be given to infants? Why?

5. Give the synonym of the word’ adequate’.

6. Give the antonym of he word’ frequently’.

2. Rearrangement of sentences

a) library is not/ a/an old/ just/collection of books

b) seat of culture/ it is /wisdom of/a/and / the ages

c) is a museum /here/of /and emotions/ ideas

d) spent in /a day/is very/the library/rewarding

e) daily visit/ a/the reading room/to/compulsory for/should be made/every student

3. Editing

incorrect / correct

Man is a bundle in likes and dislikes. a)

He is almost a slave of his whims b)

and habits. He had preferences for c)

certain vegetables ,some classmate ,some d)

teachers. One’s likes and dislikes is generally e)

instinctive and inexplicable xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

4. ’He had caught the fever of excitement’. What was the excitement? Who had caught its


5. Imagine yourself as Rusty. You had remembered the pledge and went to meety your friends

after 10 years at the same pool which you had discovered but no one remembered and came

to meet. Write a letter to Somi complaining and recalling the days of promises.

6. In ‘Sea of Foliage the poet considers the scene among the bamboos the loveliest spot in the

garden. Which is your favourite spot in your garden .What effect does the beauty have on



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