CBSE Class 7 English Revision Worksheet Set T

CBSE Class 7 English - Revision (3)

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SECTION A (Reading)

Read the following poem carefully and answer the questions that follows:


On Mother’s Day we got up first,

so full of plans we almost burst.

We started breakfast right away

as our surprise for Mother’s Day.

We picked some flowers, then hurried back

to make the coffee ----------- rather black.

We wrapped our gifts and wrote a card

and boiled the eggs ------ a little hard.

‘But Mother said, amidst our cheers,

‘oh, what a big surprise, my dears.

I ‘ve not had such a treat in years.’

And she was smiling to her tears.’

Aileen Fisher.

Based on the reading of the poem, answer the following questions:

1. ‘On Mother’s Day, we got up first…..’.

Whom does ‘we’ refer to ? Why do you think usually gets up first ?

2. What were the children’s plans for mothers’ day ? Which of these was meant to be a real surprise for mother ?

3. Did everything go as planned ? Why ? Why not ?

4. Which of the ‘gifts/surprises do you think gave the mother greatest pleasure ?

5. Identify the rhyming words in the poem (any four pairs)


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