CBSE Class 7 English Yakshas Questions Worksheet

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CLASS VII [GS] WORK SHEET—Ls.3 Yaksha’s Questions

Choose the correct answer/ fill in the blanks/ true or false:

1. The Pandavas lost everything in a game of __________________ to the Kauravas.

2. They had to stay in exile for __________years.

3. The meaning of burning thirst is ____________________.

4. “A little way off, I can see water plants and cranes”. Here ‘I’ refers to ______________.

5. Yudhishthira became very ______________ when Sahadeva too failed to return.

6. To avenge means ______________________.

7. Opposite of avenge is ___________________.

8. “Your arrows can’t touch me,” ‘your’ refers to ________________.

9. The Pandavas wandered deep into the forest in pursuit of a __________________.

10. “What is faster than wind?” The________________ Yudhishthira replied.

11. The five brothers grew more and more [a]hungry [b] angry [c] thirsty

12. “Stop! Nakula! Do not drink,” who said this? [a]Yudhisthira [b] Yaksha [c] Sahadeva

13. The loss of what can bring one joy and not sorrow? [a]love [b] peace [c] anger

14. “Finally”, who decided to go and look for himself? [a]Bhima [b] Yudhishthira [c] Arjuna

15. Past tense of distress is _______________

16. Yudhishthira sent Nakula to ___________________ some water. [a]fetch [b] drink [c] throw

17. He walked on until he came to a pool of limpid water. Here limpid means [a]unclear [b] clear [c] dirty

18. Yakha was _________________ by Yudhishthira’s answers [a]pleased [b] angry [c] displeased

19. In the ___________ year, the five Pandava brothers wandered deep into the forest. [a]eleven [b] twelfth [c] ten

20. _______________ questions were aimed at Yudhishthir[a] [a]slow [b] rapid [c] very slow

21. Nakula fell down u n c ___ n s c ___ o ___s

22. Sahadeva also ___g n __r ___d the warning.

23. The invisible being laughed s c ___ r n f___l ___y

24. Yaksha blessed Yudhishthira and then d___ s___ pp___ ___ r ___ d

25. Bhima drank the water quickly, glaring around in d ___ f ___ a n ___e.

26. Pandavas moved from place to place for safety and to meet their daily needs. (True/False)

27. There were wounds on the body of those who drank water from the pool.(True/False)

28. Yudhishthira answered all the questions of the Yaksh[a] (True/False)

29. Kunti and Madri were the two wives of Yudhishthira’s father. (True/False)

30. Yaksha was displeased with Yudhishthira’s sense of justice . (True/False)

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