CBSE Class 6 English - Revision (10)

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CBSE Class 6 English - Revision (10)

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1. Types of Sentences

2. Direct and Indirect objects

3. Articles

I. Write to which type, each of the following sentences belong. (Types of sentences).

1. He likes to play chess.

2. What are you doing on your birthday?

3. Shut the windows to keep out the wind.

4. Best wishes to all me dear students!

5. How beautiful the sunrise looks!

6. The children are playing in the ground.

7. Who is known as the Father of the Nation?

8. Please give me a glass of water.

9. God bless you all!

10. He always speaks the truth.

11. What a great write Ruskin Bond is!

12. Can you show me your homework after the class?

13. Sit down here.

14. Kanpur is an industrial city.

II. Complete the following sentences, using suitable question tags.

1. The boys are studying now, _______________.

2. John waited for his friend, ________________.

3. There was enough coffee, _________________.

4. You have done that lesson, ________________.

5. He didn’t go to the lecture, _________________.

6. She can come tomorrow, ___________________.

III. Change the following sentences according to the instruction given in brackets.

1. It is a nice bird (Exclamatory)

2. What a brilliant scholar he is! (Declarative)

3. She is going to School (interrogavitve)

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