CBSE Class 6 English Practice Worksheets (28)

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Q1 Read the following passage carefully.

1. Hunting for sport is also a major factor for the loss of animal biodiversity. From time immemorial man has hunted animals for food, sport as well as hides, skins, tusks, antlers and other parts of animals. The government of India has enacted various laws banning the trade of animal products like ivory, fur, skin, etc. The people who break these laws must be severely dealt with.

2. Pollution is another serious cause of environmental degradation leading to the loss of animal and plant biodiversity. If such degradation continues unchecked,2/3rd of the earth will soon become unfit for human animal habitation. The air we breathe is polluted with toxic gases, the water we drink is contaminated and the food we eat is not so pure as it should be. The noise pollution is also causing havoc among the wild species of birds and animals. According to a study, the arctic whales are on the verge of extinction as a result of increase in the noise of ships particularly ice-breakers and oil tankers.

3. Deforestation is yet another cause for the loss of biodiversity. Destruction of forest cover and undergrowth is going on recklessly. Deforestation mainly results from population settlement, growing need for agricultural land, demand for fuel wood, wooden furniture and commercial purposes. Choose the most appropriate option out of the following:

1. The passage is about

(a)animal hunting


(c)the loss of biodiversity


2. Environment includes


(b)everything that affects life

(c)everything around us


3. Many birds and animals are affected greatly by

(a)deforestation and pollution

(b)noise pollution

(c)cut in green cover


4. The author wants us to

(a)fight pollution

(b)conserve environment

(c)stop hunting

(d) control population

5. The word 'toxic' in para 2 means



(c) deadly


Q2. Change the following sentences into indirect speech:

1.Raj said, "I am very busy now."

2.He said,"I am unable to come just now because i am ill,but i will ceratinly start soon."

3.She said," Honesty is the best policy."

4.The servant says,"The master is not at home."

Q3.Fill in the blanks with the appropriate prepositions:

1.Meena jumped ____the swimming pool.

2.You,boys,must settle it _______ yourselves.

3.Do not cry _____split milk.

4.I stayed ____Delhi ____a week.

Q4.Join the following pairs of sentences using conjunctions:

1.I read the paper.It interests me.

2.I was annoyed.I kept quiet.

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