CBSE Class 6 English Revision Worksheet Set G

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Q1 Read the following passage carefully.

1. Whatever may be the cause of their suffering we have got to treat the handicapped with sympathy and understanding. In many instances physically handicapped children suffer neglect and are left to themselves in their homes. This makes their life extremely sad and lonely. Our first duty is to make these children more happy and less lonely. Secondly, we have got to educate these children and help them to live useful lives. We should secure them the benefits of education in schools specially intended for them. We have got to make them useful citizens by creating for them suitable opportunities to be employed. They will then have a sense of achievement, and we can be happy that we have done our duty by them.

2. In countries where the disabilities of the handicapped are treated with sympathy and understanding, and attention is given to their education, here are, for instance, office-assissstants, teachers and lawyers among the blind.deaf and dumb persons are similarly helped along and provided with suitable employment.

3. There are several instances to show that,given the right kind of education and opportunity,a handicapped person cannot only become a useful citizen but also achieve great things.a most remarkable instance of such a person is Miss Helen keller, a famous woman whose life and achievements are a miracle of modern times.

4. Miss keller became completely blind, deaf and dumb when she was scarcely two years old, but she took the highest degrees that universities could offer, earned a name as a distinguished writer of her day and won many high honours. How did this person achieve all this?

Choose the most appropriate option out of the following:

1) How do people generally treat the handicapped?

a)kindly b)sympathetically

c) indifferently d)cruelly

2) The writer is concerned mostly about the disabled persons’

a)education b)education and employment opportunities

c)general treatment d)employment opportunities

3) Do u you think Miss Keller was

a) normal b)unusual

c)abnormal d)wonderful

4)What is the attitude of the writer?

a)encouraging b)discouraging

c) sympathetic d)negative

5) The word ‘distinguished (para 4)means the same as

a) famous b)infamous

c) great d)different

Q2 Fill in the blanks with appropriate conjunctions

1) He was slow ______steady.

2) He was found stealing;_______ he was fined.

3) Did you know ______ she was my sister?

4)She is beautiful _______not vain.

5)Though he is poor,______ he is honest.

Q3 Change the following sentences from active to passive voice.

1) The teacher told a story.

2) He made a remarkable speech.

3) They switched off the light.

4) The principal rewarded the girl with a trophy.

Q4 Rewrite the following sentences from simple present tense to simple past tense.

1) I open the door and pick up the newspaper in the morning.

2) The traveler lies down to rest.

3) Birds build nests and chirp noisily.

Q5 Complete each sentence using the correct form of the irregular verb in brackects.

1) We have just _____(finish)our dinner.

2) I have ______(live)in Mumbai for ten years.

3) Reena has ______ (hurt) her ankle while running.

4) He_______ (go) out ten minutes ago.

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