CBSE Class 5 English Passage Worksheet Set A

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Weekend Worksheet – 2014-1544



Ben jumped from bed as soon as the first bit of sun peeped through his window. He grabbed his backpack from his closet and opened it on the floor. Ben put in some of his things to take with him on his trip to visit Grandpa. He put in a book on building forts, a book on making go favorite -carts, and a new book he had gotten from the library about a kid detective who creates his own spy gear. He also put in a model car kit and his stuffed bear. He was ready to go! Going to visit his grandfather for a week by himself was always Ben’s favorite part of summer vacation. Grandpa would take him fishing and to baseball games. Grandpa also taught Ben how to fix things around the house. Last year, when he was eight years old, Ben had learned how to replace a broken doorknob and how to fix a leaky faucet. Grandpa was patient and did not mind taking many hours to show Ben how to use his tools. Ben’s mom stuck her head in his bedroom door. “Grandpa’s here,” she said with a smile. Ben grabbed his backpack and ran into the kitchen where Grandpa was waiting. “Ready, big guy?” asked Grandpa. “Or do you want to eat breakfast before we leave?” “Ready,” said Ben. As he kissed his mother goodbye, he felthis stomach rumble. “We can eat later!”

1)Ben jumps out of bed because

A. he is late

B. he is scared

C. he is excited

D. he is worried

2) How old is Ben?

A. seven years old

B. eight years old

C. nine years old

D. ten years old

3) What time of year is it?

A. spring

B. summer

C. autumn

D. winter

V STD Weekend Worksheet Page 2

4) What is Ben’s favorite part of summer vacation? A. fixing stuff B. going fishing C. visiting his grandfather D. going to a baseball game

5) Used in paragraph

4, what is the meaning of patient?

A. very slow

B. sick in the hospital

C. good about sharing

D. taking time without complaint

6) Judging by the things Ben puts in his backpack, what does he like to do most? A. make things B. ride go-carts C. spy on people D. read big books

8) According to the story, what is one of the things Ben’s grandpa taught him to do? A. use a drill B. build a fort C. fix a leaky faucet D. build a model car

I. Change the following sentences into present continuous tense by changing theunderlined verbs into the present continuous form

1. The dog hides under the car.

2. The dog jumps over the fence. 3. Father speaks on the phone. 4. Sahana plays the guitar.

5. Reshma and Raghav talk to one another.

6. We go to the park.

7. They show their medals to everybody.

8. The vendor sells fresh fruits.

II Complete the following sentences with either the simple past or Past continuous tense by using the correct form of the verb given in brackets.

1. When her husband ________________ (arrive) home, Mrs. Kumar _____________(watch) the television.

V STD Weekend Worksheet Page 3

2. Where _____________(you sit) when the show ______________(begin)?

3. Naren ______________(meet) Shiven when he ______________ (walk) in the park.

4. My Uncle _______________(visit) my grandmother while he ___________(tour) India.

5. It was when he _______________(cross) the street that my brother ___________(fall)

6. What _______________(you see) while you _____________________ for the bus.

7. Where _____________(you go) when your car ________________(break) down?

8. My brother ____________(learn)to drive when he_______________(work) in Delhi.

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