CBSE Class 3 English Revision Worksheet Set 20

CBSE Class 3 English Practice Worksheets (64) - Revision

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I. Fill in the blanks with is, am or are:-

a. I_______________ feeling very hungry.

b. They __________________ speaking in Hindi

c. My dog_________________ very naughty.

d. I _________seven years old.

e. The officer_______________ late today.

f. Those men ________________feeling cold.

g. We _______________________ sweet.

h. A rose_______________ a flower.

i. The tigers _______________in the jungle.

j. They ____________going to school after the summer break.

k. I ________fond of dolls.

l. Elephants ________________large animals.

m. The kitten___________________ playing.

n. The door ________________ open.

o. Those flower ________________are beautiful.

p. These cakes________________ stale.

q. We ________having fun playing cricket together.

II. Use (was/were )to complete each sentence :

a. The horse__________________in the stable.

b. The windows____________shut.

c. The children__________sweeping the path.

d. The girl __________playing badminton.

e. The train _______________ late.

f. The stars___________shining last night.

g. Shumayla __________tired after a long day.

h. Areeva and her friends______________playing hide –and-seek.

i. The apple _____________ripe.

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