CBSE Class 3 English Practice Worksheet Set A

CBSE Class 3 English Practice Worksheet (1) - Practice worksheets for CBSE students. Prepared by teachers of the best CBSE schools in India.

Q-1) Match the verbs with suitable nouns.

1) write                      aeroplane

2) cut                         pencil

3) sweep                   vegetables

4) read                       broom

5) fly                          book


Q-2) Write suitable verbs to show 3 activities you do in your classroom.


__________________ , _____________________ , ____________________

Q-3) Fill in the blanks with suitable verbs.

1) __________________ a horse

2) __________________ the book

3) __________________ the bottle

4) __________________ your teeth

Q-4) Unscramble the following verbs and write their past tense.

Q-5) Fill in the blanks with is, are, was or were.CBSE Class 3 English Practice Worksheet (1) 1

1) She _______ a good girl.

2) They __________ not in the room.

3) He __________ playing with a ball last evening.

4) The children ____________ sick yesterday.

5) Mohan _________ in class II last year.

6) The Red Fort ____ in Delhi.


Q-6) Underline the verbs.


Mona is a bright girl. She comes back from the school in the afternoon. She plays with her toys and read books in her free time. On some days, she plays the guitar or goes for a swim. She also writes stories. She keeps all her things in place. She loves her family.


Last Sunday, Mona went to the Fun Park. She loved the Fun Park. She sat on the merry-go-round. She rode the baby elephant. She enjoyed all the rides.


Q-7) Fill in the blanks with has, have or had.


1) When Reena was small, she _____________ short hair. Now, she ___________ long hair.


2) Do you ____________ a bar of chocolate for me?


3) A butterfly ___________ beautiful wings.


4) The fishermen ____________ big boats.


5) When Niki was five years old, she ________ a doll house.


Q-8) Fill in the blanks with past tense of the underlined verbs.


1) I always play tennis in the evening. But last evening I ________________ badminton.


2) Tommy runs after me everyday but yesterday he ____________ after a cat.


Q-9) Fill in the blanks with the following verbs.

take, is , bakes , wants , goes , takes


Parul _____ a small girl. She ________ to a school near her house. She loves to __________ a piece of cake to school. Her mother __________ cookies and cakes. But today Parul ___________ an orange. Her mother ___________ to the market to buy it. It ____ a hot day. She _________ an umbrella with her.

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