CBSE Class 7 Computer Science Worksheet Set D

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Worksheet for Class 7 Computer Science

Class 7 Computer Science students should refer to the following printable worksheet in Pdf in standard 7. This test paper with questions and answers for Grade 7 Computer Science will be very useful for exams and help you to score good marks

Class 7 Computer Science Worksheet

Q 1. Describe the term Database.
Ans :A database is a collection of information related to a particular subject, such as maintaining addresses and phone numbers, a list of library books, etc. It helps the users to organise, retrieve, sort and edit data as per their requirements.
Q 2. What is the utility of Form in a database ?
Ans : A Form is a window or a screen that contains numerous field or spaces to enter, modify and view one record at a time. Each fields holds a field name
so that any user who views the form or enter data in it, gets an idea of its contents.
Q 3. What is the use of the Sorting feature in Excel ?
Ans : Sorting means arranging the given data according to a particular field either in ascending or descending order in a worksheet. Data can be sorted in rows on the basis of text, numbers, combination of text and numbers or dates.
Q 4. How is Filter useful ?
Ans : The Filter feature helps you to display only those records that meet the specified criteria and hide rest of the records.
Q 5. What is a PivotTable ? Describe its utility .
Ans : PivotTable is a powerful tool for consolidating, summarising and presenting the data.
Q 6. How is Advanced Filter different from Filter ?
Ans : The Advanced Filter option is used to filter data in multiple fields using specified criteria, whereas Filter option filters data on the basis of single field.
Q 7. State the difference between a Field and Record.
Ans : A Field is a column in a database that contains only one type of data. And a row in a database consists the information about one person or an object.

Create a BASICA file for the following programs:

1. WAP to input the user’s name and print a welcome message. (e.g.: Welcome Arjun!)

2. WAP to input user’s name and age. Find whether he is an adult or a child and print an appropriate message. (e.g.: Hello, Arjun! You are still a child!)

3. WAP to input two numbers and print the greater number. (e.g.: 25 is greater)

4. WAP to print numbers from 50 to 100. (using WHILE-END WHILE and FOR-NEXT)

5. WAP to print numbers from 1 to 20 in reverse order.

6. WAP to print first ten multiples of any given number. (using input from the user)

7. WAP to print any given table in proper format. (e.g.: 5 x 1 = 5)

8. WAP to print even numbers from 20 to 50. (e.g.: 20, 22, 24…. 50)

9. WAP to print odd numbers from 1 to 20 in reverse order. (e.g.: 19, 17, 15… 1)

10. WAP print the sum of numbers from 1 to 100. (e.g.: Sum of first 100 numbers = …)

* Your file should have program code for each of the above on the right side of the file.

* The output for each program should be clearly written on the left side(plain) of the file.

You will be marked for your Homework assignments on the following basis:

 Submission in time 2

 Neatness 1

 Creativity 2

 Content 5


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