CBSE Class 7 Computer Science Worksheet Set C

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Worksheet for Class 7 Computer Science

Class 7 Computer Science students should refer to the following printable worksheet in Pdf in standard 7. This test paper with questions and answers for Grade 7 Computer Science will be very useful for exams and help you to score good marks

Class 7 Computer Science Worksheet

Q. A. Fill in the blanks
1. A database helps the user to organise retrieve sort and edit data as needed.
2. A Form window or a screen that contains numerous fields or spaces to enter,modify, and view one record at a time
3. Field Name is a column label for the field in a database.
4. To restrict type of data and the values while entering data in a cell,use Data Validation option.
5. To search for a record with specific value click on the Criteria button in a form.
6. PivotTable provides an easy way to present the data in a summarised way.
1. Records refer to the rows in the database. True
2. Field names can be duplicated in the database. False
3. You can sort the data only on one field False
4. Field represents a column in the database. True
5. Subtotal values in the database are calculated with Count function. False
6. In a database, one cannot rearrange the data as per the need. False
7. Conditional Formatting sets a cells format according to the condition that you specify. True
1. Kanika is a Chartered Accountant. She looks after the accounts of various companies and keeps their records in Microsoft Excel. She does not have any idea on how to view only those records that she wants to see. Suggest the feature of Microsoft Excel, using which she can perform this task.
Ans : Data > Sort & Filter > Filter 2. Varun in maintaining the marksheet of his class in Microsoft Excel. The teachers has asked him to restrict the marks enteries between 1 and 100 in all the subjects. Which feature of Microsoft Excel should Varun use in order to accomplish the task ? Ans : Data Validation feature. 
1. Which among the following features is used to filter the data in multiple fields using a specified criteria ?
Ans : (a) Advanced Filter
2. Which button under Data tab is used to remove a duplicate value from one or more columns ?
Ans : (c) Remove Duplicates
3. Which feature in a database provides an easy way to enter, modify and view one record at a time ?
Ans : (a) Form
4. Which feature helps you to display only those records that meet specified criteria ?
Ans : (c) Filter
5. Which feature allows us to arrange the given data according to a particular field either in ascending or descending order ?
Ans : (c) Sort

1. Differentiate between ‘empty’ and ‘container’ elements.

2. Differentiate between <P> and <BR> tags.

3. Explain the terms Tag and Attributes.

4. What is the purpose of using <HTML> tag in HTML?

5. What is an empty element?

6. What is anchor tag? Name any two attributes of the anchor tag?

7. Explain <IMG> tag. What are the different attributes of <IMG>.

8. What is list? How many types of lists we have in HTML?

9. What is table? Write the syntax to create in table.

10. Explain <BODY> Tag with any of its two attributes with example.


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