CBSE Class 11 Computer Revision Worksheet Set F

CBSE Class 11 Computer Worksheet - Revision (6)

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1. WAP to print sum of the series 1+3+5+7…….n terms

2. WAP to print multiplication table up to 10 of nay inputted integer.

3. WAP to print the sum of series S= x+X2/2+x3/3+x4/4……n terms

4. WAP to input 2 number and print whether it is divisible by 5 or 7 or both.

5. WAP to input length. Take the user choice of converting it from feet into inches or inches into feet.

6. WAP to input a no. If it is the even printout its square root, if it is odd then print out its cube root.

7. WAP to input 5 nos and print largest of them.

8. WAP to print first 20 fibbonaci nos.

9. WAP to input a no. and check whether it is prime or not.

10. WAP to print perfect no between m to n.

11. WAP to print area of all circles which have radius between 5 to 25 in step of 5.

12. WAP to input a character and check whether it is vowel or not.

13. WAP to input the no. of day and print its name in words(e.g. print Monday for 1)

14. WAP to input first 10 odd nos and their sum

15. WAP to input a no and check whether it is Armstrong no or not. In an Armstrong no the sum of the cube of the digits of the no is equal to the no.

e.g. 153= 13+53+33

16. WAP to calculate the bonus of a salesman. A salesman get a bonus of 7% if sales are less than 10000 and 10% if greater than 10000. Input the sales and print out bonus.

17. WAP to input a single character and change its case.

18. WAP to input the choice of user to calculate the volume of a cylinder.

19. WAP to input the rollno and marks in 3 subjects of a student. Calculate the average marks and print the result with rollno , avg marks and grade. A student is given A grade if avg marks is greater than 80, B grade if avg marks are between 80 and 40 and C grade if its less than 40.

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