CBSE Class 9 Chemistry Matter In Our Surrounding Worksheet Set D

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Matter In Our Surrounding Class 9 Chemistry Worksheet Pdf

Class 9 Chemistry students should refer to the following printable worksheet in Pdf for Matter In Our Surrounding in standard 9. This test paper with questions and answers for Grade 9 Chemistry will be very useful for exams and help you to score good marks

Class 9 Chemistry Worksheet for Matter In Our Surrounding


CBSE Class 9 Chemistry Worksheet - Matter in our surroundings (2)

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Q1: Assign reasons for the following:

(a) Napthalene balls disappear if kept in air for a few weeks

(b) Wet clothes do not dry easily in a rainy day

(c) Gases are highly compressible while solids are not.

Q2: Arrange in the order indicated for solid,liquid and gas.

(a) Effect of pressure

(b) Empty spaces in the particles

(c) Tendency to flow

(d) Thermal expansion

Q3: Butter is generally wrapped in wet clothes during summers when no refrigerator is available.explain

Q4: Kelvin scale is considered as a bettr scale than a Celsius scale.why?

Q5: Explain with the help of an activity that a matter has a particulate nature .

Q6: How humidity related to evaporation?

Q7: Define temperature .Name the instrument used for measuring it& how its calibration done?

Q8: Explain the working of desert cooler.

Q9: What are the characteristics of the particles of matter?

Q10: Differentiate between boiling &evaporation.(4 points)


Exam Questions NCERT Class 9 Science Chapter 1 Matter in Our Surroundings

Question. Why does the temperature remain constant during the change of state, for any substance?
Ans : On increasing the temperature of solids, the kinetic energy of the particles increases which is used up in changing the state as it overcome the forces of attraction between the particles, therefore, the temperature remains constant during the change of state.

Question What is common among the three states of matter?
Ans : They all contain molecules.

Question. Which property of gas is used in supplying oxygen cylinders to hospitals?
Ans : Compressibility.

Question. Both the process of evaporation and boiling involves he change of state from liquid to gas but still they are different from each other. Justify.
Ans : Evaporation is different from boiling as evaporation is a natural phenomenon, occurs on the surface of the water and also it is a slow process, whereas boiling is an artificial phenomenon, it occurs in the bulk of the liquid and is a fast process.

Question. How can you show that evaporation causes cooling?
Ans : When we put some acetone on our hand, after some time we will feel coolness on our hand because the acetone absorbs kinetic energy from our hand and evaporates and evaporation causes cooling.

Question A substance x is highly compressible and could easilybe liquefied. It can also take the shape of the container.
Guess the nature of the substance.
Ans : Gas.

Question What is plasma?
Ans : Plasma is a state of matter consisting of super excited particles of very high energy level.


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