CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Solid State Worksheet Set A

CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Solid State. CBSE issues sample papers every year for students for class 12 board exams. Students should solve the CBSE issued sample papers to understand the pattern of the question paper which will come in class 12 board exams this year. The sample papers have been provided with marking scheme. It’s always recommended to practice as many CBSE sample papers as possible before the board examinations. Sample papers should be always practiced in examination condition at home or school and the student should show the answers to teachers for checking or compare with the answers provided. Students can download the sample papers in pdf format free and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for latest sample papers.


1.What is meant by forbidden zone in reference to band theory of solids?(2012)

2. Refractive index of a solid is observed to have the same value along all directions. Comment on the nature of this solid. Would it show cleavage property?

3. Write the formula of a compound in which the element Y forms ccplattice and atoms of X occupies 1/3rd of tetrahedral voids. (2015)

4. An alloy of gold and cadmium crystallizes with a cubic structure in which gold atoms occupies the corners and cadmium atoms fit into the face center. Assign formula of this alloy. (2011)


1.Iron has a bcc unit cell with a cell dimension of 286.65pm. The density of Fe is7.874gcm-3. Use this information to calculate Avogadro’s number. (Fe = 55.845u) (2012)

2.Silver crystallizes in fcc unit cell. If the edge length of Ag atom is 4.07 x 10-8 cm and density of silver is 10.5 g cm-3calculate the atomic mass of silver. (2010)

3.An element crystallizes in fcc structure with edge length 200pm. Calculate the density if 200g of the element contains 24 x 1023 atoms.

4.How are the following properties of crystal affected by Schottky and Frenkel defect:

a) Density

b) Electrical conductivity (2010)

5.a) Why does the presence of excess of lithium make LiCl crystals pink?

b) Calculate the number of atoms in cube based unit cell having one atom on each corner and two atoms on its each body diagonal.(2013)

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