CBSE Class 11 Chemistry Equilibrium Worksheet Set D

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Ch#7 : Equilibrium -03

Full Marks: 20


1. All questions are compulsory.

2. Please give the explanation for the answer where applicable.

Q1 -Define Lewis Acids and Bases. (1 Mark)

Q2 -What is a Common Ion Effect? (2 Marks)

Q3 - At equilibrium, the concentrations of N2=0.0032 M, O2= 0.0043 M and NO =0.0026 M in a sealed vessel at 800K. What will be Kc for the reaction? (2 Marks)

Q4 -12.8 gm of N2O4 was placed in a 1L reaction vessel at 400 K and allowed to attain equilibrium The total pressure at equilibrium was found to be 8.29 bar calculate Kp ,Kc and partial pressure at equilibrium? (5 Marks)

Q5 -Hydrolysis of sucrose gives, Sucrose + water Glucose + Fructose Equilibrium constant, Kc for the reaction is 3x1011 at 300 K. Calculate G at 300 K (2 Marks)

Q6 -Write conjugate acid of NH3. (1 Mark)

Q7 -Write conjugate acid of HCOO- . (1 Mark) 

Q8 -Write conjugate base of HClO4 . (1 Mark)

Q9 - The ionization constant of HF is 3.4 x 10-4. Calculate the degree of dissociation of HF in its 0.02 M solution? (3 Marks)

Q10 - Calculate the solubility of AX in pure water. The solubility product of AX is 2.5 x10-20. (2 Marks)


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