CBSE Class 11 Chemistry Chemical Bonding And Molecular Structure Worksheet Set B

CBSE Class 11 Chemistry Worksheet - Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure (1) CBSE,CCE and NCERT students can refer to the attached file. All educational material on the website has been prepared by the best teachers having more than 20 years of teaching experience in various schools. The study material available on our website for all CBSE classes and subjects have been prepared by teachers from all over the country. All study material has been carefully designed keeping into mind the latest CBSE examination trends.  


1. All questions are compulsory.

2. Please give the explanation for the answer where applicable.

Q1 - Write the configuration of following species and find if they are paramagnetic or diamagnetic.

(i) N2

(ii) B2

(3 Marks)

Q2 - Find out which of the following molecules does not exist -

(i) Be2


(2 Marks)

Q3 - What is resonance and resonating structures?

(3 Marks)

Q4 - Explain why CCl 4 has a zero dipole moment although C-Cl bonds are polar.

(2 Marks)

Q5 - Name and draw structure of two compounds which can form intra molecular hydrogen bonding.

(2 Marks)

Q6 - Find bond order of O2 ,O2- ,O22- and O2+ and arrange these species in decreasing order of bond lengths.

(5 Marks)

Q7 - What type of orbitals can overlap to form a covalent bond?

(1 Mark)

Q8 - Name the electrons which take part in bond formation.

(1 Mark)

Q9 - Find out the compound in the following in which does not obey the octet rule. SF2, SF6, SO2, SF4 .

(1 Mark)


Please refer to the link below for CBSE Class 11 Chemistry Worksheet - Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure (1)



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