CBSE Class 10 Chemistry Metals And Non Metals Worksheet Set C

CBSE Class 10 Chemistry Worksheet - Metals And Non-Metals (2)

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Q1 Two wires of equal length ,one of copper and the other of some alloy have the same

thickness.Which one can be used for (i) electrical transmission lines (ii) electric heating

device? Why?

Q2 Write the chemical equations for reactions taking place when

i. Manganese dioxide is heated with aluminium.

ii. Steam is passed over red hot iron.

iii. Aluminum Oxide is reacted with Sodium hydroxide

iv. Calcium reacts water

v. Iron reacts with dil. Sulphuric acid

Q3Name two metals which react violently with cold water .Write any three observations

which would you make when such metal is dropped in cold water. How would you

identify the gas evolved,if any,during the reaction.

Q4 Name a metal in each case;

i. It does not react with cold as well as hot water but reacts with steam

ii. It does not react with water

iii. It reacts with dil.HNO3 to evolve H2 gas.

Q5When calcium metal is added to water ,the gas evolved does not catch fire but the

same gas evolved on adding sodium metal to water catches fire .Why is it so?

Q6 Give reasons for the following

(i)To make hot water tanks,copper is used and not steel.

(ii)Lemon is used for restoring the shine of tarnished copper decorations

(iii)Addition of some silver to pure gold for making ornaments.

Q7 In what forms are metals found in nature? With the help of examples,explain how

metals react with oxygen and dilute acids. Also write chemical equation for the


Q8 Explain how the following metals are obtained from their compounds by reduction


(i)Metal X which is low in reactivity series.

(ii)Metal Y which is in the middle of series.

(iii)Metal Z which is high in reactivity series.

Q9 With a labelled diagram describe an activity to show that metals are good conductor

of electricity

.Q10 Account for the following

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