CBSE Class 9 Biology Revision Worksheet Set B

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Biology Worksheet for Class 9

Class 9 Biology students should refer to the following printable worksheet in Pdf in standard 9. This test paper with questions and answers for Grade 9 Biology will be very useful for exams and help you to score good marks

Class 9 Biology Worksheet Pdf


CBSE Class 9 Biology Worksheet - Revision (10)

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Q.1 State the full form of ATP.

Q.2 What do you mean by division of labour?

Q.3 Name the cell organelle which is able to destroy a damaged cell.

Q.4 Write any two functions of SER.

Q.5 Write 2 important characteristics of prokaryotic cell.

Q.6 Differentiate between the plasma membrane and cell wall.

Q.7 Name the plastid involved in conversion of a green tomato to red.

Q.8 How is a prokaryotic cell different from a eukaryotic cell?

Q.9 Who coined the term ‘cell’? How & when?

Q.10 Which organelle is known is known as the ‘power house of the cell’? Why?

Q.11 Which cell organelle detoxify poisons and drugs in liver of vertebrates?

Q.12 What is nucleoid? Draw a well labeled diagram of a prokaryotic cell?

Q.13 What is known as energy currency of the cell? Where it is produced?

Q.14 Write the postulates of cell theory. Who proposed this theory?

Q.15 Why is the cell called structural & functional unit of life?

Q.16 What are chromoplasts and leucoplasts? Give an example of chloroplast that has

green pigment.

Q.17 What are chromosomes? Write their chemical composition.

Q.18 Write the relationship between chromatin material and chromosomes.

Q.19 What will happen to a plant cell if it is kept in:

a) Hypotonic solution b) Hypertonic solution

Q.20 What is plasmolysis? Under what condition it take place.

Q.21 A person takes concentrated salt solution after sometime he starts vomiting.

What is phenomenon responsible for such situation?

Q.22 Write the role of vacuoles in plant cells.

Q.23 What is the main function of each of the following cell components:

a) Ribosomes b) Plasma Membrane

c) Chromosome d) Golgi Apparatus

Q.24 What are genes? Where they are located?

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