CBSE Class 9 Maths Surface Areas and Volumes MCQs Set D

CBSE Class 9 Surface Areas and Volumes MCQs Set D. Multiple choice questions have become an integral part of the CBSE examination system. Almost all exams have a section for MCQs. Students are advised to refer to the attached MCQ database and practise them regularly. This will help them to identify their weak areas and will help them to score better in examination. Parents should download and give the MCQs to their children for practice.

1. A river 3 m deep and 40 m wide is flowing at the rate of 2 km per hour. How much water will fall into the sea in a minute?

(a) 4000 m3 (b) 40 m3 (c) 400 m3 (d) 40000 m3

2. The circumference of the base of a cylindrical vessel is 132 cm and its height is 25 cm. How many litres of water can it hold?

(a) 33.75 litre (b) 34.65 litre (c) 35.75 litre (d) 38.75 litre

3. If the lateral surface of a cylinder is 94.2 cm2 and its height is 5 cm, then find radius of its base

(a) 5cm (b) 4cm (c) 3cm (d) 6cm

4. It costs Rs 2200 to paint the inner curved surface of a cylindrical vessel 10 m deep. If the cost of painting is at the rate of Rs 20 per m2, find radius of the base,

(a) 1.75 m (b) 1.85 m (c) 1.95 m (d) 1.65 m

5. The height and the slant height of a cone are 21 cm and 28 cm respectively. Find the volume of the cone.

(a) 5546 cm3 (b) 7546 cm3 (c) 5564 m3 (d) 8546 cm3

6. Find the volume of the right circular cone with radius 6 cm, height 7 cm

(a) 254 cm3 (b) 264 cm3 (c) 274 cm2 (d) 284 cm3

7. The radius and height of a conical vessel are 7 cm and 25 cm respectively. Its capacity in litres is

(a) 1.232 litre (b) 1.5 litre (c) 1.35 litre (d) 1.6 litre

8. The height of a cone is 15 cm. If its volume is 1570 cm3, find the radius of the base.

(a) 12 cm (b) 10 cm (c) 15 cm (d) 18 cm

9. If the volume of a right circular cone of height 9 cm is 48π cm3, find the diameter of its base.

(a) 12 cm (b) 10 cm (c) 6 cm (d) 8 cm

10. A conical pit of top diameter 3.5 m is 12 m deep. What is its capacity in kilolitres?

(a) 38.5 kl (b) 48.5 kl (c) 39.5 kl (d) 47.5 kl

11. Find the capacity in litres of a conical vessel with radius 7 cm, slant height 25 cm

(a) 1.232 litre (b) 1.5 litre (c) 1.35 litre (d) none of these

12. The diameter of the moon is approximately one-fourth of the diameter of the earth. What fraction of the volume of the earth is the volume of the moon?

(a) 1/64  (b) 1/ 32   (c) 1/16  (d) 1/48

13. The dimensions of a cuboid are 50 cm x 40 cm x 10 cm. Its volume in litres is:

(a) 10 litres (b) 12 litres (c) 20 litres (d) 25 litres

14. The volume of a cuboidal tank is 250 m3. If its base area is 50 m2 then depth of the tank is

(a) 5 m (b) 200 m (c) 300 m (d) 12500 m



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