CBSE Class 9 Science Matter MCQs Set A



1. An atom is
(A) the smallest particle of matter known
(B) the smallest particle of a gas
(C) thesmallest indivisible particle of an element that can take part in a chemical reaction
(D) radioactive emission
2. Air is regarded as a mixture because
(A) it pressure may vary
(B) its temperature may change
(C) its volume changes under different conditions
(D) its composition may vary
3. Which of the following properties is different for solids, liquids and gases?
(A) movement of molecules
(B) particle size of the substance
(C) mass of the substance
(D) energy exchange
4. Which of the following is an example of a mixture ?
(A) Sugar
(B) Brass
(C) CO2
(D) NO3
5. Which of the following is not a chemical change ?
(A) rusting of iron
(B) converting water into steam
(C) making curd from milk
(D) heating coal
6. A chemical equation is a means
(A) of representing chemical and physical properties of reactant molecules
(B) of acquiring instructions for the preparation of a compound
(C) or representing a chemical change by means of symbol and formulas
(D) of showing the kind of elements present in a mixture
7. In a balanced chemical equation, the reactant side and the product side have the same number of
(A) atoms (B) molecules
(C) ions (D) electrons
8. In the chemical equation,
Mg + O2 —→ 2MgO, O2 represents
(A) atoms of oxygen joined together in a molecule
(B) molecules of oxygen
(C) grams of oxygen
(D) mole of oxygen
9. The chemical formula of a compound does not represent
(A) the total number of atoms in one molecule of the compound
(B) the number of the molecules of the compound
(C) the state of the molecules of the compound
(D) the composition of a molecule of the compound
10. Which of the following statements about a balanced chemical equation is true ?
(A) mass is conserved
(B) atoms are conserved
(C) mass as well as atoms are conserved
(D) molecules are conserved
11. Boiling point of 10% aqueous solution of common salt at atmospheric pressure is
(A) 100°C
(B) > 100°C
(C) < 100°C
(D) not possible to predict
12. The change of state of substance from gas to liquid is called-
(A) melting (B) boiling
(C) condensation (D) vaporization

CBSE Class 9 Science Matter MCQs Set A



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