CBSE Class 11 Biology MCQs - Set 5

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Choose the most appropriate answer.

1. Which of the following is caused by bacteria?

1. Tetanus  2. Measles  3. Malaria  4. Ringworm

Correct Ans. (1)

2. Food can be preserved when pH of the medium is:

1. acidic  2. basic  3. neutral  4. none of these

Correct Ans. (1)

3. They play a role in the making of dairy products:

1. Viruses  2. Bacteria  3. Algae  4. Plasmodium

Correct Ans. (2)

4. Viruses belong to the group:

1. Prokaryotes  2. Eukaryotes  3. Monera  4. None of these

Correct Ans. (4)

5. Common cold is caused by:

1. Bacteria  2. Viruses  3. Fungi  4. Plasmodium

Correct Ans. (2)

6. They fix atmospheric Nitrogen:

1. Virus  2. Fungi  3. Bacteria  4. Both A & B

Correct Ans. (3)

7. In lytic life cycle bacterial cell:

1. Continues its normal life processes 2. Bursts and dies

3. Starts division  4. Forms endospore

Correct Ans. (2)

8. Amino acids are present in the cell wall of:

1. Bryophytes  2. Fungi 3. Bacteria 4. Gymnosperms

Correct Ans. (3)

9. Inside photosynthetic bacteria, Chlorophyll is:

1. Localized in Chloroplast 2. Present inside Mitochondria 3. Dispersed in the cytoplasm 4. Absent

Correct Ans. (3)

10. In blue-green algae nitrogen fixation occurs in specialized cells called:

1. Harmogonia  2. Akinetes 3. Heterocysts  4. Zygospores

Correct Ans. (3)

11. Under ideal condition a bacterial cell divides about every 20 minutes. It takes 200 minutes to fill a culture tube. How much time will it take to fill a test tube of double size.

1. 400 minutes 2. 220 minutes 3. 240 minutes 4. 300 minutes

Correct Ans. (2)

12. A virus that can reproduce without killing its host is called:

1. lytic virus  2. retroactive virus 3. temprate virus 4. virion

Correct Ans. (3)

13. When a bacteriophage, in its lytic phase carries some of the bacterium’s partially digested chromosome with it to another host cell, the process is called:

1. transformation  2. transduction  3. transportation 4. conjugation

Correct Ans. (2)

14. Which of the following is not true of organisms in the kingdom Monera ?

1. they reproduce by mitosis  2. no cellulose cell wall 3. no nuclear envelop 4. have prokaryotic cellular organization

Correct Ans. (1)

15. Slimy capsule of bacteria is made by:

1. lipid  2. protein  3. polysaccharide 4. sucrose

Correct Ans.(3)

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