CBSE Class 12 Business Studies HOTs Principles of Management Set C

CBSE Class 12 Business Studies HOTs Principles of Management Set C

Ques 1: How are principles of management formed?

Ans: They are formed by practice and experimentation.

Ques 2: Why is it said that the principles of management are universal?   

Ans: Because they can be applied to all types of organization :- business as well as non business, small as well as large, public sector as well as private sectors. 

Ques 3: Why is it said that principles of management are flexible?  

Ans:  Because they can be modified by the managers when the situation so demands. 

Ques 4: Which principles of management promotes team spirit.?   

Ans:  Esprict De Corps. 

Ques 5: Who was the first to identity functions of management?

Ans:  Henri Payol.  

Ques 6: Which principle of management suggests that a subordinate should receive orders from and be accountable to one superior?

Ans: Principle of Unity of command. 

Ques 7: Who gave the concept of scientific management? What was his profession? 

Ans:  F.W.Taylor gave the concept of scientific management and he was an American mechanical engineer. 

Ques 8: Which principle of scientific management suggest the introduction of scientific investigation and analysis of management practice? 

Ans:  Science, not rule of Thumb. 

Ques 9: What is the basis of formation of scientific management? 

Ans:   Observation & Experimentation. 

Ques 10: Which principle of management is violated if an employee is asked to receive orders from two superiors? 

Ans: Principle of unity of Command 

Ques 11: “Workers  should be encouraged to develop and carry out their plans for improvements”. Identify the principle of management formulated by Fayol.

Ans: Principle of initiative.  

Ques 12: It has been observed that the prevailing situation in an organization is due to the violations of the principle of ‘order’. What might have been your observation?

Ans: People and materials are not in suitable places at appropriate time. 

Ques 13: Which principle of management is violated when a manager grants one month medical leave to a superior with pay and only one week medical leave to an accountant? 

Ans: Principle of equity. 

Ques 14: Mohan a manager, expects his colleagues to get work out of subordinates without giving them any powers. Which principle of management is being overlooked and why?

Ans: Principle of parity of Authority and Responsibility.  

Ques 15: Which principle of management aims at securing the loyalty and devotion of the employees by giving them fair and just treatment?

Ans: Principle of Equity. 

Ques 16: Which principle of management envisages that each group of activities having the same objective must have one head and one plan? Explain the principle with suitable example. 

Ans: Unity of Direction 

Ques 17: If an organization does not provide the right place for physical and human recourses in the organization, which principle is violated? What are its consequences?

Ans: Principle of Order 

Ques 18: The production manager of an automobile company asked the foreman to achieve a target production of 200 units (Scooters) per day. But he did not give him the authority to requisition tools and materials from the store department. Can the production managers blame the foreman if he is not able to achieve the desire target? Explain briefly the principle relating to the situation.

Ans: No, the production manager can not blame the foreman because he did not give material from the stores department. Since he had no authority, he could not fulfill his responsibility. Also explain principle of Parity of Authority.  

Ques 19: Name and explain that principle of Fayol which suggest that communication from top to bottom should follow the official lines of command?

Ans: Principle of Scalar Chain. 

Ques 20: Identify the technique of scientific management which are described by the statement given below:-           

            i.     When specialists supervise each worker.                                                                              

            ii.    Change in the attitude of workers and management towards one another. From competition to Co-operation.

           iii.   When uniformity is introduced in materials. Machine, tools, method of works and working conditions after, due research.

Ans:  1.  Functional Foremanship.

         2. Mental Revolution

        3.  Standardization of works 

Ques 21: Hina & Harish are typist in a company having same educational qualification. Hina is getting Rs.3000 per month and harish Rs. 4000 per month as salary far the same working hour. Which principle of management is violated in this case? Name and explain the principle?

Ans:  Principle of fair remuneration. 



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